Description: This course offers students an excellent insight into product making related to the skin care industry such as oils , masks , serums , face packs , soaps and anti ageing tonics .

The student shall learn how to make and store all of the above for their own personal use as well as enabling them to sell their products.
Our students continue to start and run successful ventures post completion of this course.

For more than15 years IICTN has been helping students with business setup, legal documentation to help them start a Centre, Selection & purchase of initial set of machines, complications & medico legal case studies. Students become confident with the clarity achieved and are immediately able to start the centre for hair restoration. Moreover, making a rate list, designing ads and financial knowledge are also an active part of training.

BSC (University)3 yearsDoctor | MSC & BSC Graduates | 12th Science
Diploma (IICTN)6 mothsDoctors | Graduates | 10th Pass
Workshop (IICTN)1day to 1 WeekDoctors | Graduates

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