Many organisations are experiencing acute shortage of Certified professionally skilled staff and also to retain them and build their brand value. The cost of staff through the resourcing agencies is not only a big burden on the balance sheet but also candidate’s skill quality and professionalism is a big question.

IICTN is skilling candidates from last 16 plus yrs. The curriculum & Lectures are designed to meet industry standards & requirements with the bonus knowledge of business & legalities.

We are the largest manpower provider without any recruitment charges to Wellness / Skin / Hair / Slimming Clinics, Salon etc.


Disclaimer: IICTN records and retains details of candidate’s qualifications, skills and experience. The information obtain in our assessment is based on details given to us by the candidate and is correct to the best of our knowledge. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for errors, omissions or incorrect conclusions.

We endeavour to select candidates which, in our opinion, are most suitable to the Client’s needs, we shall accept no liability on behalf of themselves, IICTN’s employees, agents or assigns for any loss or damage, costs of compensation, howsoever caused, which the Client may suffer or for which the Client may become liable arising out of, or in connection with, or as a result of, the introduction by us to the Client, of any Candidate.

IICTN cannot accept responsibility for any loss or expense incurred due to the Client’s lack of familiarity with any relevant legislation regarding employment of candidates, or as a result of any infringement.

Note: To acquire our free services, your organisation agrees to allow us to use your brand name and logo on our online and offline platform as our job partner.