Description: This is another very in demand course as it deals with obesity which could be related to post pregnancy, thyroid / PCOD or simply due to sedentary lifestyle of the affected person .
It can be in children, teenagers and the elderly as well and you will need to understand the food pyramid, calorie counting and lifestyle of the client & accordingly have flexible diet plans prepared after doing a detailed counselling of half an hour to one hour. , The diet packages need to be changed continuously if the the body stops responding or the person does not follow the dieticians advise. Therefore, good and well trained professionals in this field must become helpful counsellors as only then will the client be confident in following the diet prescribed to them, especially since Lifestyle changes do not happen overnight

The Gyms, Clubhouses & now the weight loss Centres are one stop for all women of your area. Come learn all weight loss machines G5 machine, Vacuum suction, Galvanic, Faradic

Interferential & upgrade your clinics to wellness & holistic health centres.

Weight loss does not mean only eating less food. IF it was so simple, then WHY would a client come to you? Learn Correct analysis according to age, sex, cultural habits, personal likes & dislikes, Medical conditions etc leading to proper & sustained weight loss.

BSC in Cosmetology (University)3 yearsDoctor | MSC & BSC Graduates | 12th Science
PGDCC (University)6 MonthsDoctors | Graduates
Diploma (IICTN)6 mothsDoctors | Graduates | Doctors | Graduates | 12th Pass | 10th Pass

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