Payment Terms

Applicants are advised to note, The selection of the courses and packages are based on individual’s understanding and due diligence. Course fee and package can differ from other applicants.

Fees & Refund Policy: Fee refund request will not be entertained and excepted due to Epidemic / Pandemic / Government regulation / Medical issues of self or family member  in the beginning or anytime  during the duration of  the course, even if the duration extends longer than actual duration and also if Institute is asked to be kept closed due to Govt Regulation. Admission once granted will not be cancelled or transferred as Institute strictly follows no refund policy. Please note each online / offline lecture cost is Rs 2600/-.

Loan: Applicants are advised to do their own due diligence before opting for any education loan service from the financial institutions provided by IICTN or from any other financial Institutions, Institute will not be Responsible / Accountable for any dispute now and in the future.

Data Protection Policy: Applicants are not allowed to share any data provided by the management from any online / offline sources . All Documents / Contact Details / Study Material / Notes / PPT / Video / Audio etc. are copyrighted and property of the institute. If management finds any applicant having wrong conduct, misguiding, misleading and mis behaving with other Applicants / Trainer / Lecturer / Staff as per their own conclusions and or against the Institute policy in digital / verbal / online / offline or any other manner, then Institute reserves the right to put defamation case against related applicant for spoiling the name of the brand if found necessary and all legal expenses will be borne by applicant only.

Job Assistance: Indian Institute of Cosmetology, Trichology and Nutrition Private Limited (IICTN) is a private body in skills enhancing courses for the Beauty Health & Wellness sector. The said institute is neither a college, nor a University or a Deemed University. Course fees paid by applicant is only to get skill in course. If, IICTN Staff / Counsellor has promised anything apart from mentioned terms, it will not be acknowledged by the institute. The applicant understands that IICTN provides only guidance for job but does not guarantee or assure any job Nationally / Internationally.

Success or failure of the individual in Practice / Job / Business is attributable to the individual’s capabilities and IICTN shall not be responsible for any lapses / failure. IICTN is to be indemnified for any claim by the applicant / clients of any kind whatsoever as IICTN is opposed to all malpractices. These certificates are awarded for skills and are not a license to practice in the injectable procedures such as Botox, Fillers and Hair Transplant etc. Such procedures are to be done under supervision of or by M.B.B.S. doctor duly qualified or as per prevailing Acts / Regulations.

If applicant is applying for a job and require to verify their certificate by Institute or require extra documents like Marksheet and Appraisal letter than applicant should pay Rs. 10,000/- Extra.

Please Note: National / International Document Verification & Recruitment  agencies have different Systems / Criteria / Parameters and institute may not fulfil and meet those criteria,  Applicant’s authenticity of certificate verification will be done by Institute through email only and no other documents of Institute / Company will be share with Applicant, Recruitment and Document Verification agency as per confidential policy of the company. Institute reserves the right to deny any request for the same.

Administration: If Applicant has any query regarding Courses Fee, Learning, Classes, Practicals, Exams or Certifications, Therefore, we advise that Applicant should send their queries via email on Applicant queries will be attended in 10 working days, Applicant cooperation will be appreciated.

Collaborated Courses Admissions Terms: IICTN vision and mission are to provide opportunities in specialisations and skill education which are demographically relevant, in-demand and as per laid down standards, To meet the mission, IICTN collaborates with University / Council / Institution and Private organizations for relevant courses, but Applicants are advised to do their due diligence before opting for Collaborated courses. Applicant should not hold IICTN responsible for any guidance of Admission / Study facilitation / Placement in India or Abroad anytime in the future. Thereafter, the duly filled application forms along with documents are sent for acceptance and approval, Once its approved, such applicant can proceed to undertake studies as per syllabus and schedule.

Please note If applicant has joined any third party collaborated institute / university / Council / Government courses through IICTN, Institute advises that the Applicant should send their queries directly to the related body only, IICTN will not be responsible and answerable for the same now or anytime in future,

Important: Applicant also explained and received all detailed terms and conditions at the time of enrolment with their admission forms, Institute advised to read those terms & Condition also carefully.

By-Laws: Terms and Conditions are non-negotiable and subject to change without any prior notice and will be abided by the applicant, Dispute if any, is subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.